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"Water and Vine" - Giclee Reproduction
"Water and Vine" - Giclee Reproduction

"Water and Vine" - Giclee Reproduction

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Giclee Reproduction of hand-drawn, original canvas painting "Water and Vine" Size: 9"x12" Swirls and curves of growth, green and blue water fill this painting

Artist's note: "I've been playing with swirls, curves and leaves for a really long time, but I've never turned them into an acrylic painting on canvas - until now!  I'm really enjoying exploring the ideas of life, growth, water and the spiritual significance of 'water and wine', so this is my play on words in the title 'Water and Vine'. It feels good to let my hand just flow over the canvas and see what comes out."

    • Giclee reproduction on paper
    • Signed by artist, Kara Elizabeth Pewthers
    • Certificate of Authenticity
    Hang this whimsical piece in your home!